U.S.Enzymes and Master Supplements became collectively stronger when we joined together to offer practitioners more quality probiotic, enzyme, and fiber-based formulas. We are also excited to partner with Tomorrow’s NutritionPRO and the Hedron brands, who share our values of high-quality, honesty, and helping people.

We are also excited to partner with Tomorrow’s NutritionPRO and the Hedron brands, who share our values of high-quality, honest, and helping people. Search by brand, product type, or health condition below:
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We ensure power, potency, and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing and Suppliers
We partner with one of the few manufacturing facilities in the country that is designed for and dedicated to enzymes. Certifications include: NSF, NSF Sport, Kosher and Organic. We are proudly registered with both the FDA and the MN Department of Ag. The relationships with our raw material suppliers have spanned almost twenty years.
Quality of Ingredients
We work with 100% plant and plant-derived enzymes. Our products are encapsulated into vegetarian capsules and are 100% free of any animal-derived ingredients. We are currently working to certify our enzymes as non-GMO and vegan. A groundbreaking study was recently completed on a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes with minerals and herbal extracts called AstraZyme®.
The Best Packaging
Glass bottles are the ultimate barrier to ensure stability for enzymes and probiotics. Non-BPA plastic is used on our larger fiber products. Moisture and oxygen-absorbing desiccants are used for our probiotics and enzymes. Tripled sealed tamper-proof seals guarantee purity as well as safety. All outer lid seals are tamper-evident.
Servings per Bottle
Our products have enough to last a full month so you can offer your clients a “little extra” instead of “not quite enough”. Getting the right protocol is key but we always strive to get the best results with the least amount of supplementation.
Results Based
All of our formulas are formulated to provide noticeable results. Instead of adding ingredients in small amounts as label window-dressing, we’ve formulated the products with nutritional dosages to produce significant results within a relatively short period of time.
Label Design
Enzymes predate almost every known Dietary Supplement because they were first discovered in 1897. The U.S. Enzyme label design accurately depicts this historical fact with a turn of the century retro look.